A game of supernatural roleplay set in Thunder Bay, Ontario, based on the rpg system, World of Darkness created by White Wolf.
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 Roleplay Rules

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The Fates

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PostSubject: Roleplay Rules   July 1st 2012, 00:32


  • You must register in the City Archives.
  • Registration details are explained in the Registration & Application post.
  • You must have your character approved before making posts elsewhere on the forum.
  • You may only have one living character.


  • The maximum dimensions for Avatars is 150 pixels wide by 300 pixels high.
  • The maximum dimensions for Signatures is 800 pixels wide by 300 pixels high.
  • Anything posted that stretches the forum will be required to be resized.
  • You must have your character's image in your avatar and may have a signature image as well.
  • Please check the Face Claim to be sure that the person you choose to represent your character is not already taken, and note that animated or drawn images are not allowed. Actual human images are required. You may choose to use yourself as your character image.
  • NO nudity or pornography is allowed in posted images.


  • Everyone should respect everyone else.
  • No fighting in the OOC (out of character) areas or personal messages, and no baiting others into an OOC argument.
  • Anyone that is being harassed should contact the Administrator immediately.
  • Do not spam or make unrelated or OOC posts in a thread.
  • Do not advertise in the chatbox or anywhere else on the forum.
  • Sexual content in the chatbox and forum is restricted in terms of Forumotion. This includes text, links, photos and anything else sexual in nature. You may write R-rated and X-rated material in a thread whose Subject is titled MATURE 18+: thread title here, but please do not include photos or links to pornography or gore. If the already existing thread is not titled 'MATURE 18+' creatively cut scene or fade to black in a thread when the story would become R-rated or X-rated.


  • You cannot kill another player-owned Character unless you have proposed the plot to the Administrator and received permission from the Administrator, who will propose the plot to said player.
  • Your character is not a god, so you still have flaws and limits.
  • You are not limited to one thread at a time. You can join as many topics as you want. Roleplaying here in the wide variety of locations allows you to build multiple story lines at once. It is in your own hands to determine the timeline of your character. The only limitation to your free range is once your character has died.
  • Your RP posts must be a minimum of 25 words long. Do not post one-liners.
  • No Godmodding, meaning that you should not write another character's responses or reactions or control another character in any way in your writing.
  • No Metagaming, meaning do not use knowledge you have from outside the forum, from the understanding of the game system or treads occurring elsewhere in the forum of which your character does not have knowledge. Write from the perspective and understanding that your character would have.
  • Use the appropriate dice rolls and the Fates (aka. the Admin) will determine the outcome.

Please view the Game Mechanics post for information about character sheets, dice rolls, experience, rank, posting procedures and flagging posts.

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Roleplay Rules
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