A game of supernatural roleplay set in Thunder Bay, Ontario, based on the rpg system, World of Darkness created by White Wolf.
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 Game Mechanics

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The Fates

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PostSubject: Game Mechanics   March 16th 2015, 10:38

Posting Procedures:

  • Post using replies within a thread. Only create new threads for new scenes in a location.
  • Include an appropriate title for the scene when creating a topic and include a one line description of your intention or purpose for the scene.
  • Write your post of your actions, thoughts, etc. and review it before sending as you cannot edit posts afterwards.
  • If you miss a mistake, please contact the admin to correct it by flagging the post.
  • Post any related dice rolls related to your post in a separate post immediately after it. (This done so that if your written post needs to be edited, the dice do not re-roll.)

Flagging Posts:

You can use the Report button (exclamation point in the top right corner of each post) to request service for a variety of reasons. The flag selections are explained below. Please select the correct one from the drop down menu when flagging a post.

    When encountering something new, such as opening a door, where you need to see what is around or hear what is going on. After attempting a dice roll for an action or ability, request a storyteller response for the resulting affect. If you are unsure of what dice roll(s) to use for your post.
    When interacting, whether physically or verbally, with an NPC, flag the post to get the NPC's response.
    When you want to spend experience on a new ability, create a thread at an appropriate location that relates to how you develop the new ability, such as driving classes, shooting range practice, making new contacts, etc, then flag it with the new ability you wish purchase with your experience including its, name, description, book reference and cost.
    Where you want to purchase a car, home, new equipment or such, make sure you have the resource dots required and then create a thread in an appropriate location that describes how you go about getting the item.
    When a post increases your character in rank, flag it for the Admin.
    If you notice a mistake in a post, flag it and note the mistake and correction required.
    If you read a post that is in violation to any of the rules set out in the forum, please flag it as such and note the violation.


  • Experience is accumulated automatically through participation within the forum.
  • 35 experience is provided automatically when a newly created character is posted into the census.
  • Experience can be saved and accumulated, and then spent at any time when your character has free time outside of storyline events that he or she could logically use to develop a new ability.
  • When spending experience, create a new thread in an appropriate location describing the how your character develops your chosen ability and flag it as indicated above.
  • Your total experience is noted on your profile as well as on the sidebar of your posts. Your spent experience will be updated by the admin and noted on your character sheet under additional notes.

Experience costs for development are:
Each dot must be paid for individually (eg. the 2nd dot in a Skill is 6 and the 3rd dot would be an additional 9)

  • Attribute.............Dot Number x 5
  • Merit...................Dot Number x 2
  • Morality..............Dot Number x 3
  • Skill.....................Dot Number x 3
  • Skill Specialty.....3 points each
  • Willpower...........8 per dot


Rank is determined by the number of posts, representing how involved your character is in the events of the city. The Admin will give free merits, typically social ones, related to your activities in the world.

Character Sheets:

Character sheets are filled in by the Admin based on your character post in Census and will be updated by the Admin as you develop. Some categories will be open for you to edit. These are:

  • Concept - update when you feel your character's base concept has been altered
  • Personality - update as your character's personality is affected by events
  • Weapons, Armour & Equipment - update as you receive new things in story events or purchasing threads
  • Damage - update as you take damage and when you heal
  • Willpower - update as you use and gain willpower
  • Journal - is a personal space for your character's thoughts, ideas, personal notes, or event records

Dice Rolls:

Format your roll posts like the following:
ACTION - Attribute + Skill = #  (eg. CLIMBING - Strength + Athletics = 5)

Then use the roll option under the text area when creating a roll post and type in the appropriate number of dice based on the adding combination of stats from your character sheet for the roll. Use the links below for quick reference when make rolls. If you cannot find a corresponding roll, message the Admin to ask which stats to use. Note that special abilities explain what stats to use when making rolls for them.

8's, 9's and 10's rolled count as successes. If you roll any 10's, make a second roll using a number of dice equal to the number of 10's rolled. This is called the 10-Again rule, which allows you the possibility of additional successes to add to your total successes for the roll.




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Game Mechanics
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