A game of supernatural roleplay set in Thunder Bay, Ontario, based on the rpg system, World of Darkness created by White Wolf.
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 Registration & Application

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The Fates

Character sheet
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PostSubject: Registration & Application   May 19th 2012, 02:38

Here are the basics of what you should know to create a new character here. ONLY when a character is approved by Admin will a player be allowed to post for them.


  1. When registering, please use your character's first and last name (properly capitalized).
  2. Do NOT use your actual name, a celebrity's name or any other famous name.
  3. Please check the Census to be sure your proposed full name or surname is not already in use.
  4. If you have made a mistake with your username, please contact the Admin to correct it.

Character Creation:

  1. Character applications are to be posted in the Census Publications by creating a new topic with your character's full name as the subject.
  2. Because character creation is very involved, template pieces with easy to complete sections are provided under Templates and must be used.
  3. Creativity and realism is highly valued. Please make every effort to avoid stereotypical, bland or perfect characters. Make sure you create a balanced character and realize that they will not be invincible, all-powerful or all-knowing.
  4. Plagiarism is not acceptable, so please do not copy characters people have authored on this site or elsewhere. Always respect creative copyrights.
  5. You may play one character.
  6. Characters will be reviewed by Admin for approval. Please do not take requested revisions personally. Review is there to help ensure that the character was created according to guidelines and to help your character fit well with the board.
  7. When a character is approved, the information in the application will be filled into the character sheet by Admin. Only a few sections of the character sheet are open for players to edit. After which you will be able to begin posting.


  1. The maximum dimensions for Avatars is 150 pixels wide by 300 pixels high.
  2. The maximum dimensions for Signatures is 800 pixels wide by 300 pixels high.
  3. Anything posted that stretches the forum will be required to be resized.
  4. You must have your character's image in your avatar and may have a signature image as well. Please check the Face Claim to be sure that the person you choose to represent your character is not already taken, and note that animated or drawn images are not allowed. Actual human images are required. You may choose to use yourself as your character image.
  5. NO nudity or pornography is allowed in posted images.

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Registration & Application
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